Masquespacio’s Own Design Studio


Masquespacio usually spends their time designing for other people, but then, it was time to do it for themselves. The innovative Spanish agency decided it was time to redesign their own studio in Valencia, as well as their brand identity. Known for their use of bright colors and decorative elements, they pulled out all the stops for their own renovation and image revamp.

The interior features a multitude of colors, which were chosen because they were the trendy colors from various projects. They’ll continue to play with colors based on trends of the particular time. They wanted to elevate the design so it wouldn’t just be a place to work – they wanted a warm environment with decorative elements that encouraged creativity.

Contrasting materials and finishes live harmoniously amongst the vivid color palette, which is softened by the incorporation of plants.

Their recently designed Toadstool collection is featured in the waiting room.

The design began with the studio’s brand image which focused on the word ‘Mas’ (the first three letters in their name), which means ‘more’ in English. The ‘S’ is split, dividing each of the two different parts of each graphic application. The division is meant to show the value offered by them in each of their projects.

Interior photos by Bruno Almela.
Branding photos by Luis Beltran.

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