The G’Day House Is Designed To Feel Like A Modern Beach House


While the G’Day House is located in West Vancouver, Canada, Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses designed it to look like a modern beach house for a relocated Australian family looking to set down roots. They asked for a relaxing home that would help encourage an outdoor lifestyle so equal attention was paid to the design of both the indoor and outdoor spaces.

A fence offers privacy to the street while a reflecting pond adds a natural element to the open terrace. It also makes the house look as if it’s floating above the water.

The cascading walkway leads guests straight to the door, inside to the kitchen, and out to the deck to take in the views.

The open floor plan on the top floor expands out to the deck, doubling the size of primary living spaces. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors disappear as does the separation between inside and out.

Inside, the furnishings are kept casual, reflecting the type of space the homeowners longed for.

Photos by Ema Peter.

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